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23 – DataRage and All-Access

Today we talk with Greg Keller about DataRage and All-Access.

I just got an email on the Free 4GB ToolPod. Looks like we finally have portable USB Delphi.

Audio podCast

22 – Delphi Developer Days 2009

In this episode we talk with Marco Cantù and Cary Jensen about Delphi Developer Days 2009.  This is a two day event in two different cities.  The first is in the Washington DC area on March 30th and 31st and the second is in the Chicago area on April 2nd and 3rd.  The early bird pricing is available until February 20th.

Marco CantuMarco Cantù is on Twitter now, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.  His latest books include the Delphi 2009 Handbook and Essential Pascal.  You can find more about him on his website, or keep track of him on his blog.  Marco lives in Piacenza, Italy, but frequently travels to consult and train on Delphi development.

Cary JensenCary Jensen is now on Twitter as well and plans to frequently post about Delphi. He is President of Jensen Data Systems, Inc., a Texas-based company that specializes in Internet and database development training and consulting, and winner of the Delphi Informant Magazine 2003 and 2002 Readers Choice Awards for Best Training.

Marco and Cary are great.  We ended up talking about all sorts of stuff in addition to the Delphi Developer Days.  In fact, we will need to do another podcast to talk some more.


What’s in a Language Name?

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

  • From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1594

So what do you call the language we use in the Delphi native IDE?

What is the language used in Delphi native?

  • Object Pascal (48%, 264 Votes)
  • Delphi (45%, 248 Votes)
  • Pascal (8%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 555

Loading ... Loading ...

So far the voting is neck in neck between Delphi and Object Pascal.

In my opinion the history is Pascal evolved into Object Pascal, which evolved into Delphi.  It seems to me that Delphi is to Pascal in the same way that C++ is to C.  They both add objects and other language extensions as well as a standard library. Sure Object Pascal extends the Pascal language, but Delphi adds even more langauge extensions and also the standard libraries of the RTL and the VCL.

I know every C/C++ programmer I have known is very strict about referring to the language by the appropriate name, be it C or C++.  Are we being more specific by referring to it as Delphi, Object Pascal or Pascal?

I used to always called it Object Pascal, but I think Delphi is the way to go now.  How about you?  Let me know why in the comments.

That which we call Delphi, by any other name would be as productive!


21 – RemObjects

Data Abstract

RemObjects SDK


RemObjects Product Line

In this episode I talk to RemObjects’ marc hoffman (Chief Architect) and Mike Orriss (General Project Manager) about their product offerings.  You can follow them in the RemObjects Blog, or marc and Mike are both on Twitter.  You may recognize marc as a fairly regular guest on the podcast, and Mike is actually the keeper of the RemObjects Wiki’s, so you may know him from there.

I was surprised to learn that most all of their products are for both .NET and Delphi native, with some also being available for the Mac (Objective-C).  So if you are looking for some cross platform solutions then they appear to be the guys to talk to.  In fact, their Hydra is specifically for combining Delphi native and .NET into a single solution.

At the end of the podcast marc wanted to come up with some sort of deal for our listeners.  I think the end result is pretty cool, and gives any listener a chance to win their choice of products.  All you need to do is download one of their trials and check it out.  Then write about your experiences in your blog or on your website and leave a comment here linking to it by the end of February.

Then one entry will be selected at random to receive a free copy of whatever they reviewed.  This is a great opportunity to try out their products and possibly get one for free.  You can choose from Data Abstract, the RemObjects SDK, AnyDAC and Hydra.

Your experiences should be honest.  A positive or negative review will not influence your chances of winning.

On a side note I just love all of RemObjects product icons and art work.  I should have asked them who does their art work.  Check out their product wallpapers.  My favorite is the Delphi Prism one that looks like the Pink Floyd album cover.

Update: RemObjects just published their Software ROadmap 2009 v1.


The Delphi Tour Groupie

I guess you could say I am a bit of a Delphi groupie, especially for tours and events . . . . The new Delphi 2009 Productivity Tour reminds me of the Delphi 6 Release Tour.

The nearest tour stop for the Delphi 6 tour was in Salt Lake City, Utah and I lived in Boise, Idaho (I live on the northern Washington coast now.)  So a friend of mine and I took the day off of work and left really early to drive down to Salt Lake City (about 5 hours away).  We made it in by 10 AM for the start of the presentation.

Anders Ohlsson

This was the first time I met Anders Ohlsson.  It was extra memorable because the airlines lost his luggage and presentation laptop so he was in sweat pants, a T-shirt and on a laptop that didn’t work right with the projector (couldn’t show on the projector and the screen at the same time, so he had to keep looking over his shoulder.)  It was still a great presentation. Of course we couldn’t get enough so we took Anders to lunch and grilled him with some more questions.  He ended up helping us with some tough problems we had with our current development and saved us a lot of headaches.  As far as I know that company still uses the framework he helped us develop over lunch.  It was a good investment.  Maybe I should have expensesed it. . . .

We found out Anders was presenting at the users group that night too, so we stuck around for that in hopes we would win a copy of Delphi 6.  We didn’t win Delphi, but I was glad I we stuck around anyway since I won a cool Delphi hat that I still own.  It says “Delphi does it all, especially Windows.”   We decided not to stick around for the after meeting party since we had to work the next day.

My friend was going to trade off on the drive home so I could get some sleep too, but that was when he discovered he couldn’t drive a stick.  That ended up being OK because we discovered Mountain Dew Code Red (a new flavor at the time) for the trip home.  I believe my friend said it tasted like “Manna from Heaven.”  Not sure he had a reliable frame of reference, but it was amusing none the less.

Hopefully the Delphi 2009 Productivity Tour is stoping in a city near you.  If not, then it sounds like a good chance for a road trip!  Be sure to register for all the events you plan on attending.  Remember, the price of airfare is actually down right now, and flying across the country is a great way to support the economy!

Who knows, maybe I will see you there . . . .