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Refactor My Delphi Code

I recently discovered the fascinating site Refactor My Code where software developers can collaborate on the evolution of a piece of code. Well, thanks to the work of Marc-André Cournoyer it now has a section for Delphi code refactorings.

They are using Ruby’s Ultraviolet syntax highlighter, which has a Pascal syntax. Based on preliminary tests it appears to work correctly.  Let me know if you encounter any thing that doesn’t get highlighted correctly and we can work to correct it.

I’ll be posting code snippits and looking to help refactor yours!

20 – Introducing Delphi Live 2009

In this episode we talk to Olaf Monien about the upcoming DelphiLive 2009 conference, just announced on Thursday the 22nd, 2009. The conference is organized by Software & Support Verlag, the usual sponsors of the German Delphi conference EKON.

  • Where: San Jose, CA, USA
  • When: May 13th – 16th 2009
  • Who: All Delphi developers, let it be Delphi Win 32, Delphi Prism or Delphi for PHP ones.

Stay tuned here and Olaf’s blog for more information as it develops.

Lino Tadros’ Gift of Life

Previous Delphi community member Lino Tadros lives after his heart stopped and came out of a stroke induced comma on Christmas day. He is home and recovering now.

After you read his post and wish him well, tell someone who is special to you that you love them and count your blessings.  I know too many people who have lost a loved one in an instant like that before.  Count your blessings today, give thanks to God, and remember what is important.  As much fun as Delphi development is, take a break and hold your kids, hug your spouse, call your mom, etc.  Delphi will only get better why you are away.

The fact the sun rose this morning and I am still breathing is a great miracle.  The rest is beyond belief.

More Questions for Nick Hodges

I wanted to get Nick on another episode to answer some questions about 64-bit Delphi.  I always figure a little straight talk can clear up a lot of confusion.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out again.  Instead though, you can post your questions for Nick’s interview on Friday for the 47 Hats podcast.  Questions you leave here will not be passed on, so be sure you leave them on Facebook.  If you don’t have a Facebook account you can leave your question and a request for me to post it for you and I will see what I can do.

Now iPod Touch & iPhone Ready!

Thanks to Holger Flick for letting me know that our podcast is now iPod Touch/iPhone ready! I don’t have an iPod Touch or iPhone (yet), so I wasn’t even aware this was a problem. Since I haven’t changed anything then I assume this is a new feature of CyberEars, who provides the hosting for my podcast and feed.

Looking for a Delphi Syntax for TextMate

I exchanged emails with Marc-André Cournoyer of about supporting Delphi on his site. Since his site uses Ruby’s UltraViolet to do syntax highlighting, and it uses TextMate syntaxes, he needs a Delphi syntax for TextMate. Turns out it has a Pascal syntax already, so it is 90% of the way there.

Does anyone know where I might find one that has already been updated for Delphi? A Delphi Prism / Oxygene one would be great too!

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