Delphi Man Sighting

Delphi Man has been sighted in Germany at Vario Software, makers of the Ticare bug tracking software for Delphi with Delphi! Benjamin Peuthert sent me a picture of his team with Delphi Man and Dr. Deadline. Notice how they keep the two of them separated so they don’t do battle during the picture!

In the front are Sascha, Benjamin and Nedeljka, in the middle are Andreas and Thorsten and in the back is Olaf.   (Click for larger)
In the front from left to right: Sascha, Benjamin and Nedeljka. In the middle: Andreas and Thorsten. In the back: Olaf. Assuming you know Delphi Man and Doctor Deadline. (Click for larger)

I asked Benjamin to tell me a little about their bug tracking software and he told me (edited and formatted by me):

The most important feature at the moment is the Delphi plug-in, but some more cool and Delphi exclusive features are already in development. You have a list of your tasks in the IDE and can enter the time spent for a task directly in Delphi. Here are some screen shots.


I hope we finish the translation within the next two weeks. But yes, at the moment information is only available in German. Check out the product information is located, or information about our company.

Thanks to Benjamin and his whole team!  I look forward to hearing more about this great Delphi add-in, which I am sure Delphi Man uses in his battle against Dr. Deadline.

I love hearing about successful Delphi teams and seeing pictures of happy developers!  Anyone else out there with Delphi Man inflatables who wants to send me a picture?

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Interesting looking system, TiC@re. Add English, French, and Spanish UI, and the market would grow a lot. Add plugins for JBuilder/Eclipse and Visual Studio 2008, and things could get interesting 🙂

P.S. How did those inflatables get into circulation?

Thanks. English will follow soon, other languages perhaps if they get requested. More plugins? We will see what the future brings 🙂

I’ve replied to a mail (newsletter) from Borland – that’s how I got my two inflatables.

Hi Benjamin,
TiC@re seems to be really interesting, though I’m missing some information like:
– what is the DB in the background (could I integrate TiC@re’s DB within my own server?)
– does “TiC@re embedded” also cooperate with Delphi 7, Delphi 2006, Turbo …?
– can I access the main system (DB) with a “TiC@re-client” using an internet connection? (customers should have access to a buglist … not using an intranet connection)
– is there any web interface available or planed?

Hi Lois,
We’re using Firebird and the plugin cooperate with every important Delphi version 😉
At the moment we have no web interface (still in development). I’ve setup a short faq site to answer your questions:

If there are more question or feedback you can also write a mail:

best regards,

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